Sunday, 9 October 2016

How I got into Programming

The Best way for me to start this is by  giving you a taste of my personal experience....

In High School i wasn't particularly good at maths,in fact i would go as far as to say i sucked at it big time.I used to attend History class and try to find a way to avoid maths class as much as possible, even if it meant hiding in the Library. The next question is what about Computers,Life has a weird sense of Humor, although i was recommended to do all subjects ....Computer class was the only one i was rejected from.Looking Back i think i was Rejected due to the fact that although scoring high grades,i was always doing something else with the computer that was seen as "wasting time".
I was totally fascinated with computers...i still am to this day....for some men its cars....or bikes..
for me its computers.Life had another twist for me as i grew older, i went to University but the strange thing was i majored in Sociology..not computer Science.

    My Interactions with the Computer was relegated to simply writing papers and discovering you-tube. I never heard of Programming Languages...hackers were those cool persons in hoodies,who come in movies and controlled computers.To make matters worst i was from Jamaica, where computers at the time were expensive items,hence making my Programming quest almost dead at birth. I will attempt to skip most of the blah blah blah...i went to a conference in Jamaica,
Digital Jam (3.0 i think) and saw some (so-called wiz kid)  being praised and lorded then decided to give this programming stuff a try.

  One of the Many Blessings in my Life is my Girlfriend,In those early stages she gave me support and never doubted my abilities even when i doubted my own . When i told her i was going to create a Social network like Facebook...she said "you can do it", so i did (Jamaicanconnect),when i told her i was going to build my first app,"she said you can do it".This was during the time of my life when i had not even written my first line of code.

        Whats My Personal Ambition ?
Over The years, i have had numerous ambitions and Goals, ranging from wanting to become "the hulk"(i was very young and a fan of comic books at the time)
to wanting to become a Scientist ( this was early high-school) then i wanted to become a Stand Up comedian (am serious)..even to this very day i keep a sense of humor in all videos as well as production.

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