Thursday, 8 December 2016

In this Video we show you how to use Toast(Android popup message)
in your Android Studio Project....The simple way
In this video We Teach you how to Open a Multiple Activities from Multiple buttons .This was done due to the act  that users were stating that they had issues opening multiple activities.

(Android App Development)In this video We Teach you how to use Shared Preferences to save information  in your Android Application

Friday, 4 November 2016

Php MySQL Tutorial: how to retrieve data In this Video we will teach you how to use Php to connect to a MySQL database and retrieve data stored on it. P.S apologies for the sound quality...

In this video we will show you how to get a free MySql database complete with PhpMyadmin to use for testing without paying a cent

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Android Navigational Drawer (the Simple way)

Having An Android Navigational Drawer  is a big feature in most if not all modern applications,yet to find simple instructions will have people crying over their doesn't have to be that way....

In this Video we we show you how to create a simple Android Navigational Drawer (the simple way )without hurting your self or getting a headache in the process

JavaScript tip: how to replace all in Strings (the easy way)

JavaScript can be a starts out simply enough and leaves the user with a massive headache when simple things need to be done....

This video will show you how to easily replace all occurrences of an element within a string using a simple trick,and far less code ,no regular expressions ,no complicated code

Create an Android Splash-screen (the easy way)

Creating A splash Screen in Android can often times be cumbersome and stressing... In the video below i try my best to teach an easier way to get this done using as little code as possible to achieve this goal

How I got into Programming

The Best way for me to start this is by  giving you a taste of my personal experience....

In High School i wasn't particularly good at maths,in fact i would go as far as to say i sucked at it big time.I used to attend History class and try to find a way to avoid maths class as much as possible, even if it meant hiding in the Library. The next question is what about Computers,Life has a weird sense of Humor, although i was recommended to do all subjects ....Computer class was the only one i was rejected from.Looking Back i think i was Rejected due to the fact that although scoring high grades,i was always doing something else with the computer that was seen as "wasting time".
I was totally fascinated with computers...i still am to this day....for some men its cars....or bikes..
for me its computers.Life had another twist for me as i grew older, i went to University but the strange thing was i majored in Sociology..not computer Science.

    My Interactions with the Computer was relegated to simply writing papers and discovering you-tube. I never heard of Programming Languages...hackers were those cool persons in hoodies,who come in movies and controlled computers.To make matters worst i was from Jamaica, where computers at the time were expensive items,hence making my Programming quest almost dead at birth. I will attempt to skip most of the blah blah blah...i went to a conference in Jamaica,
Digital Jam (3.0 i think) and saw some (so-called wiz kid)  being praised and lorded then decided to give this programming stuff a try.

  One of the Many Blessings in my Life is my Girlfriend,In those early stages she gave me support and never doubted my abilities even when i doubted my own . When i told her i was going to create a Social network like Facebook...she said "you can do it", so i did (Jamaicanconnect),when i told her i was going to build my first app,"she said you can do it".This was during the time of my life when i had not even written my first line of code.

        Whats My Personal Ambition ?
Over The years, i have had numerous ambitions and Goals, ranging from wanting to become "the hulk"(i was very young and a fan of comic books at the time)
to wanting to become a Scientist ( this was early high-school) then i wanted to become a Stand Up comedian (am serious)..even to this very day i keep a sense of humor in all videos as well as production.